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Best Places to Eat in Cabo San Lucas Revealed by Grand Solmar Timeshare

Best Places to Eat in Cabo San Lucas Revealed by Grand Solmar Timeshare

Taking a trip means eating at exciting, new locations that offer novelty culinary experiences. In Cabo, the restaurants don’t fail to disappoint. With its main cuisines being Mexican and seafood, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from when looking for great restaurants. Here are just a few suggestions for great places to eat in Cabo from Grand Solmar Timeshare.

  1. Sunset da Mona Lisa offers a gorgeous dining experience, being seated above the Sea of Cortez while overlooking the sunset along the gleaming ocean waters. The ambiance sets a very romantic tone, and there is a wide variety of food, including seafood, tapas, and a pizza lounge, offering a diverse culinary experience that you’ll never forget.
  2. Flora’s Field Kitchen offers a unique farm-to-table experience, offering the freshest food with a whimsical atmosphere. The dining area is seated next to a 10-acre garden full of the ingredients used in the dishes, and every dish in the restaurant is handcrafted, made from scratch, and guaranteed to be delicious.
  3. Los TresGallos is home to what is said to be the best Mexican food in Cabo, and possibly the best restaurant on the peninsula in general. Their mole dishes are what they’re most known for, offering layers of complex flavor in every bite, while offering a calming atmosphere of dining in a romantic courtyard under apple and mango trees. The best news about it might be that each dish is priced at about 20 US dollars, making this unforgettable meal a bargain worth taking.
  4. Any of the restaurants at Grand Solmar. Grand Solmar itself is home to some of the best restaurants in Cabo! Come to your various restaurants offering everything from traditional Mexican food to International cuisine in paradise today!