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The Grand Solmar Foundation, a charitable outreach program sponsored by Solmar Hotels, highlights its efforts of donating toys for Three King’s Day to the impoverished youth of Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Charity and Solmar Hotels is dedicated to improving the lives of the children of Cabo San Lucas. Since its inception, Founder and CEO of Solmar Hotels Francisco Bulnes has taken an interest in providing for local communities with a keen interest in helping the underprivileged children who live there. Now, Grand Solmar Charity is pleased to announce that Solmar Hotels’ employees shared in the joys of giving this holiday season by donating toys to children in need.

January 6isan important day in Mexican culture. “Día de Los Reyes” or Three Kings’ Day, elsewhere known as “Epiphany,” marks the day that the Three Wise Men gave their gifts to Jesus Christ. In Mexico, people celebrate Día de Los Reyes by eating a special cake and exchanging gifts. In the spirit of this event, Solmar hotels’ employees donated their time and money to ensure that underprivileged children were able to share in the joys of the holiday.

Children ages 2 and up received toys to mark this much-beloved holidays. Young girls smiled for the camera holding up brand new Barbie dolls and stuffed animals while boys in their nicest outfits, some with ties, sweater vests and collared shirts, proudly displayed action figures, soccer balls and construction toys. Grand Solmar Charity was proud to be able to provide these toys, giving these underprivileged children happiness on this joyous holiday.

While the smiles of children receiving gifts are its own reward, Grand Solmar Charity believes that giving gifts does more than warm the hearts of its employees this holiday season. These toys can help fuel the dreams of children who are less fortunate; dreams of being soccer players, architects, doctors and lawyers.

Grand Solmar Charity’s charitable outreach programs are funded by donations from employees and members at Solmar Hotels. For more information on helping underprivileged children in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, contact Grand Solmar today.