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Grand Solmar Timeshare wants vacationers to enjoy themselves. Sometimes the worst part of a vacation is getting there. In an effort to reduce stress while traveling, Grand Solmar Timeshare is providing a list of tips to make winter travel easier.

Airlines all have different rules regarding carry-ons. One may allow a laptop and a carry-on. Another may consider the laptop as a carry-on. It is important to check the carry-on regulations of the airline you are traveling with. Contact the airline or go on their web site to find more information. Taking this simple step will help to reduce unnecessary stress at the airport.

Oftentimes, the plane ride is an ideal time to take a nap. This can be difficult with all the noise and light on the plane. Many travelers use eye masks or sunglasses to block light and help them to fall asleep on airplanes.

To block the noise, it is oftentimes helpful to wear ear buds or earplugs. The music does not need to be playing, however. Simply wearing them will help to block some of the noise. But if music is desired, bring an iPod or other electronic listening device, though it is important to make sure that the device is charged.

Following these simple tips will reduce the stress of traveling. Grand Solmar Timeshare wants all vacationers to enjoy their escape from their everyday lives as much as possible