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Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellations says that no matter what time of the year a traveler takes a vacation, it is important that they pack smart. This is especially true for when vacationers take a getaway during the holidays. Not only do they need to pack for the weather, but they also most likely need to save some space for any souvenirs and presents they purchase along the way. Here are Grand Solmar Timeshare’s ultimate packing tips for holiday travel:

  1. Visualize and decide
    One of the best ways to pack efficiently is to visualize how the suitcase will look once it has been packed. Not only does this help the individual pack neatly, but it is the first step in deciding what to take with them. Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellations reveals that it is a great idea to think about the types of outfits one wants to bring along and pack accordingly.
  1. The 3-to-1 Rule

Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellations shares that the most efficient way to pack is to adhere to the 3-to-1 rule. This rule states that for every bottom (whether it be pants, shorts, a skirt, etc.), travelers should back three different shirts. Usually, slacks and other bottoms take up a lot of space, while most tops do not. Therefore, travelers can pack multiple mix-and-match outfits without taking up all of their valuable luggage space. For example, if a traveler were to go away for a week, they should pack six tops, one part of shorts, one pair of pants, adequate undergarments and maybe a few specialty items such as a dress or a suit. Of course, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows this is the bare minimum, but at least trying to stick to this rule will help to avoid over packing. 

  1. Packing light-weight items

If travelers desire to pack more than the 3-to-1 rule, they should consider packing light-weight items, especially if they are traveling to beautiful Cabo San Lucas were even during the holiday season, temperatures are moderate. If vacationers are traveling somewhere that is much colder, Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellations recommends wearing one’s heaviest items on the plane, which will keep luggage under the weight limit while still allowing the travelers to bring along their winter essentials.

For more top travel tips and luggage-packing tricks this holiday season, contact the experts at http://www.grandsolmarresorts.com