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Social media is not simply something that is trending and will soon be on the decline.  The power of social media is globally recognized as a powerful marketing and engagement tool to provide a steady stream of content and data for consumers and the world to see.  Solmar Resorts and Hotels are very active on social media and the resort group prides itself in being at the forefront of new advances and social profiles.

Social media is a very important way for Grand Solmar Timeshare to keep members up to date on construction updates, membership enhancements, and overall resort news and happenings.  One of the most exciting campaigns in 2015 is the “Pleasure to Serve You” campaign.  This is a very interesting idea that will be shared through 2015 on social media channels.  The motto at Solmar Resorts,“It is a Pleasure to Serve You,” has become a slogan and a credo the staff has adopted.  This pleasure in providing service to guests and learning why staff member sare so happy at workstems from the resort’s culture of giving back.  Each year through both the Solmar Foundation and the resort group, initiatives help employees and the community as well.  Because employees feel so valued by Solmar, and because efforts made to improve the community and employees’ lives by Solmar have directly affected so many employees, there is a strong bond and also a love for the resort group, which makes working for Solmar an enjoyable experience.

Grand Solmar Timeshare owners know first-hand the warm faces that greet them upon returning to Cabo.  The individuals who make the vacations great including the valets and bellboys, front desk and reception specialists, wait staff and every other employee who helps keep the resort in its pristine condition.  The “It is a Pleasure to Serve You” campaign will help recognize throughout the year the men and women who keep the resort in such great shape annually and make vacations amazing.

In addition to recognizing the staff, the campaign also focuses on staff members who have also taken a role to improve the community actively through efforts of their own volition.  Because the resort group is so active in giving back and helping the community, ithas created not only a happy workforce, but a team that also actively gives back as well.  So not only does this social media effort seek to recognize staff for a job well done, but also to recognize staffers who, like the resort group, are now active in improving this community and making los Cabos a better place to live.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Resort has a wonderful team of employees who work hard every day to make sure every guest has the best stay possible.  A vacation at Grand Solmar is nothing without the people on site who make it special and memorable.