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Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that there are a lot of beach destinations to travel to this summer. One of the best places to go on vacation to enjoy the surf, sand, and sun is none other than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This city has much to offer to all that travel there, and is packed full of beaches, luxurious resorts, and historical sites. Two of the best places to go to enjoy the water in a unique way are Cabo Dolphins and El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

 Cabo Dolphins is the place to go for all those who are looking to swim with the dolphins. This is the only dolphin attraction in the area and is home to ten bottlenose dolphins that are trained and ready to swim. Cabo Dolphins offers a variety of different packages that guests can choose from. These packages include swimming with the dolphins, a program for kids, a dolphin encounter where you learn more about the dolphins, and the opportunity to become a trainer for the day. The wide variety of programs allows a diverse range for people to choose from in order to enjoy their dolphin experience in the best way possible.

 A distinct rock formation in the area is El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. It is located in the waters of Cabo San Lucas and is an iconic area with beautiful views. Tourists can go to this area and experience the sunrise or sunset over the water, go whale watching, snorkeling, and much more. Grand Solmar Timeshare suggests that while in Cabo San Lucas, tourists should check out both of these unforgettable destinations.