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When you are traveling in Cabo San Lucas, Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that there are a few things that you can be certain of. There will be plenty of time to spend on the beach and to watch the people go by if that is what you want to do. There will be some great nightlife for you to enjoy. There will be plenty of opportunities to go out drinking in the town. These are some of the things that people may expect and will have no trouble getting, but they all have one thing in common. They cost money. These tips about money in Cabo San Lucas from Grand Solmar Timeshare will prove to be a good thing to have.

  • Many places accept US dollars along with pesos. Know the exchange rate. One US dollar is worth around 12 to 13 pesos.
  • Pesos can only be spent in Mexico. Try to limit the amount of money you exchange to small amounts at a time so that you do not have much left over. There are plenty of places to exchange money in Cabo San Lucas.
  • Not everyone takes a credit card in Cabo San Lucas. This is especially true with street vendors and small merchants.
  • Let your credit card company know of your travel dates to avoid any problems using your card.
  • Make sure your cell phone can be used in Cabo San Lucas before you leave and find out about the costs of using it.

When you follow the basic tips from Grand Solmar Timeshare, you will get the value you should for your money while you are in Cancun.