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Grand Solmar Timeshare owners share travel tips for those traveling overseas.  Whether you’re traveling overseas, across the country or a state away, there are some things that travelers should never leave home without.  Here are items mentioned that in addition to all of the common items such as passports, your license, a wallet and clothes that most remember to pack up before the big trip, these other items can sometimes be forgotten at home, leaving you with no way to obtain the things that you may really need while away.   Grand Solmar Timeshare reminds that before packing for your next vacation, create a checklist with the items that you must not forget, including these top 7 items that travelers should never leave home without.

1. Power Converter Kit – A power converter kit is especially necessary for those who are traveling out of their country.  Many different countries use their own forms of power outlets, making it nearly impossible to charge necessary electronics without a converter kit.  This includes the ability to charge cell phones, mp3 players, and IPod and camera batteries.   Multi-unit kits are available for those traveling to various destinations and country-specific converters are also available for purchase.  Be sure not to forget this item or you could be stuck without a charged cell phone for the majority of your trip.

2. First Aid Kit – A first aid kit should never be forgotten while traveling remind the Grand Solmar Timeshare members.  No matter where you are visiting, accidents can happen and a first aid kit could be a great help.  Whether you’re dealing with a small scrape to a larger laceration, these kits should include everything that you may need in the event of an injury. Having medical supplies ready to go is far easier than finding a pharmacy on-the-go.

3. Camera – Whether you prefer film or digital, a camera is one thing that no traveler will ever want to forget.   A camera gives you the chance to take photographs of new and exciting areas, providing you with long-lasting memories that were captured by you.  Many prefer to carry small and durable cameras while others opt for larger DSLR equipment for high-quality photographs.  Don’t forget to bring extra memory cards and the battery charger.  Sometimes the cost of purchasing new cameras or equipment can add to your vacation costs if forgotten.

4. Travel Maps – Even if you’re carrying a smart phone or other electronic item with you that enable maps and GPS ability, it is always a good idea to have an actual map with you while traveling.  Electronics may not always get service or can die at any time.  With a map, you’ll always have a sense of directions and the ability to navigate through different cities with ease.

5. Personal Entertainment Items – Trips can be long and boring, especially when on an airplane for several hours or in the car for a few days. Bring an iPod, mp3 player, book or handheld gaming system with you to pass the time and help to make the trip go by faster.

6. Insurance details- When travelling, especially on the road, it’s always a great idea to have insurance that will cover your touring trip advice the members of Grand Solmar Timeshare.  From everything from car insurance to caravan insurance, bring the insurance paperwork with you in the event of any accident or damage that may occur.  Having it ready is definitely helpful.

7. Comfortable Shoes – It is important to remember to pack a good, comfortable pair of shoes for the trip. After a day of sightseeing and lots of walking, feet can become sore.   Avoid this issue with your best pair of shoes that provide lots of support.

Grand Solmar Timeshare members support traveling and vacation with ease.